Class A non-combustible plate suitable for application to what place
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The grade of combustion performance of building decoration materials should be divided into four grades: Grade A non-combustible; B1 inflammability; B2 grade flammability; Grade B3 flammability. Canna A class non-combustible plate because of its inflammability, smoke suppression, and environmental protection, therefore, this kind of plate is widely used in architectural decoration. Non-combustible board is made of decorative layer and non-core material by high temperature and high pressure. It is A kind of green environmental protection material with non-combustible, low formaldehyde release and easy to clean characteristics. With its superior characteristics, it is suitable for the building field with high requirements for fire prevention and environmental protection, especially the corridor wall and ceiling ceiling of public space. Create a green, safe and comfortable modern space for you.

Product structure:
1. Melamine-impregnated protective coating/customized fire-proof board
2. Decorate paper
3. No core material

Product performance:
1. Grade A flame retardant
2. Compression and heat insulation
3. Green environmental protection, anti-corrosion and antibacterial
4. Sound insulation and anti-noise
5. Be strong and crash-resistant
6. Strong and low temperature impact resistant
7. Waterproof and damp resistant
8. Simple processing and construction
9. Easy to clean

Product specifications:
British system: 4'*8', 4'*10'
Metric system: 1220mm*2440mm, 1220 * 3050mm;
Thickness: 4.5mm-5.5mm, 8mm
At present, there are a variety of wood grain, stone grain, bamboo grain, leather grain, parquet, natural color and more than 2000 kinds of customers to choose; At the same time to meet the personalized needs of designers, according to the pattern or design provided by customers, tailored; In addition to the conventional surface treatment of A - class fire-proof board, there are highlights, matte, relief surface, etc.
Product application and scope:
Commercial buildings, industrial buildings, civil buildings and other special buildings, especially hospitals, office buildings, hotels, KTV, schools, kindergartens, railway stations, subways, airports, stadiums and other places with high requirements for fire prevention and environmental protection. Suitable for corridor walls and ceilings in public areas. The grade of combustion performance of building and decoration materials should be divided into four grades: A, non-combustible; B1, inflammability; B2 grade, flammability; Grade B3, flammability