Wall Cladding Panels

BHGOOD interior wall cladding system is consist of 100% phenolic resin laminate and metal frame structure, which is easy to set up and can be used widely .For instance, it can be used in the damp and highly hygienic required, acid and alkali resistant place . The pipeline can be installed under the wallboard, which is beautiful and convenient for regular maintenance.

Excellent performances:

impact resistant,

abrasion resistant,

chemical resistant,

moisture resistant,

easy to process, install ,disassemble,

easy to clean and low cost of maintenance,

Standard dimensions: 4x8(1220mmx2440mm), 4x10(1220mmx3050mm), 5x10(1525mmx3050mm)

Color: plain, wood grain, and others

Framework: metal framing

Installation : please consult our engineers

Applications: hospital, airport, office building


1). Scratch and wear resistant;  self supporting and vandal resistant

2). resistant to water, moisture, organic solvents and chemical; antibiosis and easy to clean;

3). resistant to fire, heat and cigarette burns;

4). resistant to acid, alkali and chemical corrosion ;

5). environmental friendly and no toxic;

6). extremely durable, not easy to deform;

We also provide the following services to cater for your needs

7).Surface Finishing: various surface processing, Glossy, Matt, Texture, Horizontal, Embossed and some other especial surfaces

8). Colors: wide variety of appealing colour choices, Solid/plain color, fantastic color, wood grain color, metal, wooden veneer or customized color, Bhgood provide customers with integrated solutions for interior design. Bhgood professional R&D team has been designing a lot of especial color and surface finishing. If normal design not you need, let me know, If you need special color, please contact bhgood.

9). Sizes: rich sizes, computerized cuttosize machine available to service the markets according to request;

1220mm×1830mm (4’×6’)

1220mm×2440mm (4’×8’)

1220mm×3050mm (4’×10’)

1220mm×3660mm (4’×12’)

1525mm×1830mm (5’×6’)

1525mm×3050mm (5’×10’)

1525mm×3660mm (5’×12’)

1830mm×1830mm (6’×6’)

1830mm×3660mm (6’×12’)

1300mm×2800mm (4.3’×9’)

1300mm×3050mm (4.3’×10’) 

10). Thickness: variety of thickness ranging from0.7 mmto25 mm, according to request;

11). delivery : made to order production for prompt and fast delivery

1. 挂墙板系统:BHGood挂墙板洁净系统


2. 挂墙板厚度及尺寸标准

4mm 粘贴型方便快捷,成本低廉,安装简易,适合绝大多数工程项目


3. 干挂型配件

4. 颜色选择


5 案例:深圳市第三人民医院挂墙板案例

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