• High Pressure Laminate

    Canna Laminate

    Canna High Pressure Compact Phenolic Laminate is a flat panel that offers excellent qualities, both functional and aesthetic, based on thermosetting resins, homogeneously reinforced with cellulose fibres and manufactured under high pressure and temperature. Its made of decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin , layers of kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin, protective surface impregnated with melamine resin (over lay) for printed decors, then stacking and compressing them by steel board under high temperature (150℃) and pressure1430 psi, which is the extremely durable and environmental friendly structure material .It is easy to clean and resistant to chemical, scratch, stain and heat and can be easily assembled by using accessories such as taps, sinks, gas and electrical fittings, while edges & joints also can be modified to suit your requirement. Its surface is smooth and nonporous and does not support the growth of bacteria or fungi. It can stand up to all the most commonly used nonabrasive cleaning agents. No melting, dripping or shattering, low emission rates and no emissions of hazardous fumes or halogens.

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  • Chemical-resistance Labtop

    Labtop is a kind of special laminate for laboratory with feature of corrosion resistance. It consists of multi layers of krafts impregnated with phenolic resins and decorative paper impregnated with melamine resins, compressed under high temperature and high pressure. Special chemical surface treatment makes it has better performance on corrosion resistance.

    Excellent features :impact resistance, no toxic and pollution, completely hygienic and easy to clean, antibacteria, acid and alkali resistance, chemical resistance, heat and cigarette burn resistance, durable, various in surface colors and finishes and dimensions. It is widely used as lab top and counter top in school, research institute, hospital etc.

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  • Exterior Compact Laminate

    bhgood has been actively developing and introducing futuristic, popular and artistic colors and patterns to provide designers with more challenging creative thinking and create a more diversified living space. Outdoor resistant boards are ideal for outdoor applications made from kraft paper and decorative paper. It is produced under high pressure and high temperature. The hardened phenolic resin provides effective weather resistance. Protection makes it resistant to erosion from natural elements. UV Protection UV film has high UV resistance and is ideal for exterior and clad exterior walls. Exterior compact laminate is an ideal covering material for buildings requiring ventilated exterior walls. It is durable and sustainable, easy to machine and install, and offers a variety of decorative possibilities.

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  • Compact Fiber Board

    CANNA Compact Fiberboard is a multi-functional and versatile building and decorative material. Thanks to its distinctive black coloring and the compact density core, It can be used a strong supporting panel. Meanwhile, the board has excellent machinability to create unique furniture style and architectural arts Further more, It can also be used as an attractive surface by its versatile melamine resin treated decors with different finishes. CANNA Starting with Compact Laminate (HPL) and continuing development of other Performance Plates, we are keen to enhance the quality of public environment with hygiene, inspiration, reliability and sustainability through the use of high Performance Material and our Creative Design. Our production base in Dongguan & Changzhou, offices in Shenzhen. Our products cover HPL range of Compact Laminate, Clean Top Anti-fingerprint HPL, Labench Chemical Resistant TOP, Exterior HPL, and Compact Fiberboard which is our latest development and another versatile Innovative panel. and Fire with fire retardant class A, Synchronized and Structured MFC, and Compact Fiberboard Flooring under our development. We provide the raw materials for structural and surfacing, and also the innovative solutions such as Toilet Partition, Locker, door, wall panel, Worktop, Laminated Flooring, multiple Indoor and Outdoor leisure furniture. We also provide customization and consultancy for your desired applications and designed products.Compact FiberBoard, Compact Fiber Board, CDF, Compact density Fiber Board, Compact density Fiber sheet

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