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Compact Grade Laminate
Compact Grade Laminate

Canna Compact Grade Laminate 

Compact Grade Laminate or HPL (High pressure laminate) are made from special kraft paper and printed paper impregnated with themorsetting phenolic resins and fused together under heat and high-pressure to form a double-faced decor high-density sheet of laminate. Compact Laminate (available in any thickness between 0.7mm and 30mm) are pressed under high pressure for all interior applications which demand a particularly resistant but decorative design. Resistant to extreme heat or cold, water vapor, high pressure and sudden impact, Compact Laminates are the perfect product for applications with extreme demands.which enges can be cut, bevelled, polished or machined to any required shape, is a remarkable and environmental friendly structure material.

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Canna Compact Grade Laminate have special performances, perfectly functional and decorative structures have laid a leading position decoration materials, furniture and other industries.

1. Scratch, wear, impact resistance, extremely durable

2. Resistant to water, moisture, and easy to clean

3. Resistant to fire, heat and cigarette burns

4. Resistant to acid, alkali and chemical corrosion

5. Environmental friendly and no toxic

6. Various surface processing and colors

7. CNC deep processing are provided


(1). Size:

 mm  1220*1830 1220*2440   1220*3050 1220*3660  1300*2800 
 ft  4'*6' 4'*8'  4'*10'  4'*12'  4.3'*9' 
 mm  1300*3050 1525*1830  1525*2440  1525*3050  1525*3660 
 ft  4.3'*10' 5'*6'  5'*8'  5'*10'  5'*12' 
 mm  1830*1830 1830*2440  1830*3050  1830*3660   1830*4270
 ft  6'*6' 6'*8' 6'*10'  6'*12'   7'*14'

Special Size: 2000*4000mm

(2). Thickness:
the standard thicknss is : 1mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, and from 0.6-30mm are available to meet customized


(3). Color:BHGOOD have rich colors, gradually to free paint, 3D three-dimensional development, guided the direction of the decorative

materialscolors more than 3800 kinds of colors, which are Plain Series  / Solid Series, Woodgrain Series, Stone Series, Custom

Graphics, Decometal;

(4). Finish:BHGOOD have rich finishes, more than 60 kinds finishes, which are Matte, Glossy, brushed, Leather, sulpted, wirebrushed, flower

pattern, etc;

(5) Canna Compact Grade Laminate CNC deep process, edging


If you have any specail requirements, pls contact with us and we will try our best to answer your questions, many thanks.

Technical Performance Index on Phenolic Compact Laminate 
1. Density  ISO 1183      Mass        g/cm3       ≥1.35
2. Thickness     EN 438 2-5        5.0≤e≤8.0    8.0≤e≤12.0      mm  tol±0.4      tol±0.5
3. Flatness  EN 438 2-9 6.0≤e≤10.0   10.0≤e≤-  Curve mm ≤5.0  ≤3.0
4. Bending Module  ISO 178    Strength  Mpa ≥9000
5. Bending Stress     ISO 178    Strength  Mpa ≥80
6. Tensile Strength  EN ISO 527-2    Strength  Mpa ≥60
7. Impact Resistance (Large¢ball)         EN438-2-21    Ball drop thickness≥6mm      Drop height mm       ≥1800
8. Fire Performance  EN 13501-1:2002     Classification   e≥6mm
9. Moisture Resistance   EN438-2-15     Mass increase  Appearance  mm      Grade(table lll)   ≤8    ≥4  
10. Dimensional Stability at High Temperature       EN438-2-17     Accumulated Dimensional Change %  ≤0.3(L) ≤0.6(T)

Compact Grade Laminate,compact laminate, HPL, high pressure laminate, formcia
phenolic board, compact laminate, HPL, high pressure laminate, formcia
compact laminate, HPL, high pressure laminate, formica board
Canna compact laminate is widely used in company, school, hospital, sports center, supermarket and other public places.
Canna Compact Laminate has good machining properties and physical properties, and good resistance to various chemical



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