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Water-proof Compact Laminate Cubicle Toilet
Water-proof Compact Laminate Cubicle Toilet

CANNA Water-proof Compact Laminate Cubicle Toilet  is consist of 100% phenolic resin laminate, which are waterproof, scratch resistance, beautiful, generous,  durable and easy clean, suitable for dry or wet place, wide used for office building, supermarket, school, Airport, sport center, Gym, public areas, quality assurance is at least a decade, it has become the best chioce for modern toilet partition systems.

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CANNA Water-proof Compact Laminate Cubicle Toilet have excellent performances, which are:

(1). Scratch, wear, impact resistance, extremely durable

(2). Resistant to water, moisture, and easy to clean

(3). Resistant to fire, heat and cigarette burns

(4). Environmental friendly and no toxic

(5). Various surface processing and colors

(6). CNC deep processing are provided

(7). Beautiful and generous


1. Common Specofication:

 material  Canna Phenolic Compact Laminate, SS / Nylon accessory, double sides, black core
component parts  divisional panel, frontal panel, door panel, pilaster (nib panel)
standard size(mm)  W900*D1200*H1800, urinal screen: W400*H900


 12mm, 18mm, 13mm, 19mm
 color  plain /wooden color
 accessory  SS / Nylon accessory/Zinc Alloy

2. Standard Size: 1220*1830*12mm for common design

3. Color: antique white and light grey are in stock, used by our customers commonly.

4. Application : office building, supermarket, school, Airport, sport center, Gym, public areas

5. Packing: Standard wooden pallets for the panel and cartons for the hardware.

6. We have two types of accessories: SS Accessory and Nylon Accessory


 Accessory Name  Standard Amount
 bracket / corner fastener  12
 adjustable leg / support leg / foot assembly   2
 auto return hinge   2
 door handle / knob   1
 cloth hook / coat hook   1
  lockset   1

7.  Installation Technology Solution

Pls contact with our salesman, and then our technical department will check and plan for it according to your drawings, our excellent technical staff will help you to solve all the technical problems.


900W*1240D*1920H (mm) : Economy Squat toilet
900W*1500D*1920H (mm) : Economy Flush toilet
900W*1800D*1920H (mm) : Disabled applicable
urinal screen standard size: 400D*800H / 400D*1200H (mm)

any special requirements, pls do not hesitate to contact with our salesman with your drawings, our technical person will help you todesign the most accurate size.



moisture proof cubicle Toilet Partition 


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